Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Frederick R Moorehead

A donation for Frederick R Moorehead was made by the Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Natasha Levitsky

A donation for Natasha was made by the Levitsky family

JC Amos

A donation for JC Amos was made by R.Prezioso & D.Prezioso

Sharon Kay Phillips

A donation for Sharon Kay Phillips was made by J Polehn

Laura King

A donation for Laura King was made by Lisa Towns.

Dallas Boyers

A donation for Dallas Boyers was made by Don Villers

Mike McCleary

A donation for Mike McCleary was made by Bradley & Erin Linquist

Bill Rogers

Donations for Bill Rogers were made by:

Crystal Gearhart

Donna & George Davis

Dana & Pamela Boyce

R.Rogers, D.Coakley, and Rebecca


Roger Perdue

A donation was made for Roger Perdue by Vicky Parker