Saturday, April 30, 2022

April 2022

Jonathan & Diane Ray in memory of Patricia Joanne Cimaglie

Donations were made in memory of Naomi Cook by:

William & Beverly Stewart

Georgianna Prickett & Beulah Gonzalex

Frances Zeni & Holly Yankie

Julianne Calabrese,Currys - Julianne, Christina & Scott Wendell Kenneth "Kenny" Hess  M

Rowland and Kylo Dodd

Frank Zukowsky donated in memory of Angela DeMary

Donations were made in memory of Wilma Dillon by:

Philip & Suzette Prichard

Juanita Lundie

Linda Hill

Patricia Jeffers & Mike Davidson             

Robert Wetzel

Steven & Shawn Williams  

Steven & Susan Kisner

Ray Jones, Jodie Fowler & Randy Jones

Terry & Jim Mattern

Penny Wyont

Stanley & Cathy Toothmana

Katherine Onderko & Michelle Ciarolla donated in memory of Mary Jo Hamrick