Saturday, November 30, 2019

Peep Szczepanowska

A donation was made by Stephanie Underwood in memory of  Peep Szczepanowska

Skip Kendrick

A donation was made by David and Peggy Allman  in memory of  Skip Kendrick

Sharon Phillips

A donation was made by J. Polehn in memory of  Sharon Phillips

Natasha Levitsky

A donation was made by the Levitsky Family in memory of  Natasha  Levitsky

Phyliss and Verle Gable

A donation was made by Brenda and Robert Moore III in honor of  Phyliss and Verle Gable

Sam and Juliana Royse

Wedding Donations in honor of  Sam and Juliana Royse were made by:

Heather Sammons  
Samuel Amasa Wilmoth  
Susan and Michael Trantham  
Peter Wilmoth 

Mary Jo Davis

A donation was made by the Fairview High School Class of 77 in memory of  Mary Jo Davis

Skip Hendrick

A donation was made by David and Peggy Allman in memory of  Skip Hendrick

George Thomas

Donations in memory of  George Thomas were made by

East Fairmont Middle School  
Ray and  Judy Heston
Mike and Valerie Astonind  
Kimberly Ramage  
Terry and Becky Saurborn  
Wendy DeWitt

J.C. Amos

Donations in memory of  J.C. Amos were made by: 

Lori and Harold Amos  
James Boggs

Keegan App

Donations in memory of Keegan App were made by
Jason Schafer  
Heather Mattingly  
Aron Waddel  
Susan Ruby  
School Gen Ed and Professional Studies

Johnny Ut

A donation was made by Chris and Cassie Cockerham in memory of  Johnny Ut

Opal Marie Sims

A donation was made by Linda Stoops in memory of  Opal Marie Sims

Aunt Freda

A donation was made by Jeff and Carol Begley  in memory of  Aunt Freda

Virginia Frey

Donations in memory of  Virginia Frey were made by: 

Katelyn Jockem
James and Carolyn Kerr


Carl Randolph Buckner

Donations in memory of Carl Randolph Buckner were made by:

Frederick and Carla Banig 
Shari Cannon

Jason Garrison

A donation was made by Karen Thompson  in memory of  Jason Garrison

Freda Hayhurst

A donation was made by  John and Ann Pendleton  in memory of  Freda Hayhurst

Carolyn Berry

A donation was made by Carol Calkins  in memory of  Carolyn Berry

Holly Jo Weglorst

A donation was made by Frank&Virginia Hamilton in memory of  Holly Jo Weglorst

Beverly Tiano

Donations in memory of Beverly Tiano were made by

Candy Joseph 
Bertie Candid
ND Paper

Betty Colosino

Donations in memory of Betty Colosino were made by

Linda and Stephen Duckworth
Ed and  Nina Vozniak 
Brent and Irene Stroud
Deborah Harden
Maxine  Morrison
Susan Moss

Walter Jason Garrison

Donations in memory of  Walter Jason Garrison  were made by: 

Dee Lourenco  
Kenneth and Shannon House
Gary and Renee LeDonne
Jeanie Harney
JoMarie Pitrolo
Michael and Julie Lundberg
Nancy Laughlin
Michael and Julie Lundberg 

Margaret Moyer

Donations in memory of Margaret Moyer were made by 

Debra Harden  
Thomas and Karen Yokum  
James and Beverly Kinsey  
Nicholas Scrivo  
Robert and Linda Winter  
Martin and Brenda Wilson  
Calvin Eugene Phelps, Sr.  
James Boggs  
Calvin E. Phelps

William Cheuvront

A donation was made by Helen and Joseph Clark  in memory of William Cheuvront

June Conaway

A donation was made by F.Porter and Deborah Stiles  in memory of  June Conaway

Coletta Jarvis

Donations in memory of Colletta Jarvis were made by
Martha Fryar Hand  and Foot Buddies 
Carol DiAmico, 
Martha Fryar, 
Janice Runner 
Patty Vingle, 
Ann Lester 
Jack and Frances Henderson
Shirley Doll
Betty Michael

Debra Hiltz & Tim McAteer

A donation was made by Agnes Franz in honor of  Debra Hiltz & Tim McAteer


Brenda Martin

Donations were made in memory of Brenda Martin by:

Central Christian Church 
John & Marianne Yerkovich
Mitchell & Betty Markovich
Rebecca & Phillip Cole