Monday, April 8, 2019

Dorothy Angel

A donation for Dorothy Angel was made by Suzanne Grossman

Freddie Villers

A donation for Freddie Villers was made by Felix Colosino

Donna Jean Feather

Donations for Donna Jean Feather were made by:

Brian and Lisa Corley

Joseph and Nancy Naternicola

Fairmont Federal Credit Union

Christy Wilder 

Victory of West Virginia Inc

Mary Jo Hamrick

Kip L Captor

Industrial resources and Friends

Lalesh Nhey

Christie Hayes’ and Angela Kudurogiani’s pets

A donation for Christie Hayes’ pets Willa Bea and Happy and Angela Kudurogiani’s pet Oscar Bear was made by Helen Flanagan Sullivan HFS Realty

Freddie Jane Villers

A donation for Freddie Jane Villers was made by Brent & Irene Stroud and Ed & Nina Vozniak

Theda Hayes

A donation for Theda Hayes was made by Becky and Tom Chevreaux

Richard Merrill

A donation for Richard Merrill was made by:

John White

Alice Foote

 Katherine Williams

Tracy Clemmer

Barbara Moore

Renee Dever

Sandy Williams

Teresa Hamilton

Kayla Williams 

Tammy Thiel

Joanna Larew

Jody Luzier

Anna Knight Layman

Kelly Mathews

Traci Hinkle

Benjamin Springston

A donation for Benjamin Springston was made by:

 Tinsel Clayton


 J.D. Parks

 Susan Springston

 Jennie Springston

 Beth Springston

Gwen Konya

A donation for Gwen Konya was made by:

 Donald Joyce Kincell

Margaret & Tom Furgason

Andrea & Gary Cox

Elaine& Gary Hawkins

Chip Thompson

A donation for Chip Thompson was made by Roger and Janis Beckner

Anna Frye

Donations for Anna Frye were made by:

 Carol and Jim May

The Spevock Family

Jim and Sheila Turner

Scott and Mary Hamilton

Theda Hayes

A donation for Theda Hayes was made by Mark Jurick & Finance Serv. @ VA Hospital.

June Conaway

A donation for June Conaway was made by:

GFWC WV Past St. Pres.


Chip Thompson

A donation for Chip Thompson was made by Robert H. Thompson

Delana Sue Haney Yost

A donation for Delana Sue Haney Yost was made by EFHS Class of 1964

June Conaway

Donations for June Conaway were made by:

 Russ and Doty Conaway

 Mari Jeffries

Spot, Lady, Hannah, Patch, Gypsy, and Smiles

A donation for Spot, Lady, Hannah, Patch, Gypsy, and Smiles was made by Elisabeth Rose Lathrop

Don Stoops

A donation for Don Stoops was made by Linda Stoops

Franklin Keener

A donation for Franklin Keener was made by Dale & Carolyn Cheuvront

JC Amos

Donations for JC Amos were made by:

David & Ann Lester
Robert & Valinda Loy
Connie Ahrens
Muriel & James Twyman
Cecily Enos
Mary Sue Mistric-Brown


A donation for Marty was made by M.E. Linn

Marilyn Sue Dent

A donation for Marilyn Sue Dent was made by Dewey & Jean Davis

Sunday, April 7, 2019