Friday, October 30, 2020

Sharon Phillips

 A donation was made by J. Polehn in memory of Sharon Phillips


 A donation was made by Ed and  Sandra Rosenberger in memory of Rocky

Reggie Rosenberger

 A donation was made by Cheryl Goodrich in memory of Reggie Rosenberger

Red Feathers

 Donations were made in memory of Red Feathers by

Brian and Lisa Coreley

Mary Jo Hamrick

Mary Feather and Terry Kave

Kip Captor

Janet Bartlett, Kim, Todd, and Tim Cole

Janet and Loren Schmidt

Kulju Family/Sunny Skies

Stephanie Messapelle

Denise and Daniel Pugh

Charles and Lynn Hlusko

Mark and Frances Jurick
Michael Pamela Tonkovich

Norma Buzay

 A donation was made by Anonymous in memory of Norma Buzay

Kevin Nichols

 Donations were made in memory of Kevin Nichols by

April Bennett

Charles and Gabrielle Jordan

United Mine Workers 1702

Kelly Nichols

Darlene Conklin

Thomas and Jane Burns

Lisa Bish and John Marunick

Patricia Tucker

Barbara Ribel

Henry Murphy Dog

 A donation was made by Adam Levitsky in memory of Henry Murphy Dog

Doge Hayes

 A donation was made by Heather Shumar in memory of Doge Hayes

Charles Hayhurst

 Donations were made in memory of Charles Hayhurst by:

Kenton and Beverly Collins


Thomas and Brenda Reardon

Lina Allen and Vernon Simpson

Cheryl Spaziani

Kat Stevens