Tuesday, June 30, 2020


A donation was made by Adelheid Brumage in memory of Wilma.

Linda Smith

 A donation was made by Jared Jenkins in memory of Linda Smith.

Wilma Gray

A donation was made by R and A Richardson in memory of Wilma Gray.

Jakobi Pudder.

A donation was made by Laird and Kim Wright in memory of Jakobi Pudder.

Aimee LaFollette

Donations were made in memory of Aimee LaFollette by:

Charles Lambiotte

Ruth Brooks

David & Nancy Laughlin

Rebecca Key

Cindy Woodward and Susan Haley

ILhan and Ongun Taskin

Courtney Harney

Regina Patton

Autum Seey

Michele Ash

Denise Groves

Sandra Cress

NCWV Home Builders

Donna Preston

Nancy and  Charles Lawler

Linda Swaney

Nancy Seccuro

Jack,Norna Lori Haugh

North Coast Cultured Products

Pam and James Nolan

Jean and Courtney Lafollette

George and Judy Foster

Frank and Debra Yanero

Linda O'Connor

Bryan Smith

Ella Tate

Adams Office Supply

Nancy Mccutchan

Triumph sales

Vision Homes

Ruth Ann Burns

Mary Richards

Amy Wilson

Lyle Dallison

Raymond James (Jim and Becky Kettering)

Geoge  and Margaret Steorts

J.D. and Linda Parks

Diane Tetrick Larosa

Regina and David Jones

R. and A. Richardson

Suzanne Bucy

A donation was made by Carolyn Hampson in memory of Suzanne Bucy.

Garry Richman

 Donations were made in memory of Garry Richman by:

William and Beverly Stewart

The Music Center

Susan Whitecotton

Rebecca and Byron Brown

Linda Stalnaker and Krystal Satterfield

Harrison Co. Coal Mine, Margaret Portal

Natasha Levitsky

A donation was made by the Levitsky Family in memory of Natasha Levitsky.

Dox Harbert Michael

A donation was made by Carpenter and Ford Funeral Home in memory of Dox Harbert Michael. 

Jan Wilson

A donation was made by Tom and Jane Dedrick in memory of Jan Wilson.