Saturday, January 30, 2021

Sean Coombs

Donations were made in memory of Sean Coombs by

Kathryn Renahan

Sam and Leslie Garretson

Roseann Bonfantino

 A donation was made by Glenmark Holding in memory of Roseann Bonfantino

R.F. Suppa Jr

A donation was made by Lois Suppa in memory of R.F. Suppa Jr.

Jean Hartley

Donations were  made in memory of Jean Hartley  by 

Lori Fuller

Laura Strader

Carl and  Mary Deaver

Hennis Care Centre 

Melinda Sutter

Katy Newbrough

 A donation was made by Rodney and Carol Pyles in memory of Katy Newbrough

Dottie Aicher

 A donation was made by Sue Paulo Lacomb Kris Marvin and Joe Repenchek in memory of Dottie Aicher

Doris Urso

 A donation was made by Joyce  Kyle Hamilton in memory of Doris Urso

Doris Mahaffy

 Donations were  made in memory of Doris Mahaffy by

Stephen Miller

Lynnette and Stephen Miller

Donald Joseph Graziani

 A donation was made by James Laura Walker in memory of Donald Joseph Graziani

Caroline Kulpa

 A donation was made by Margaret Liotta in memory of Caroline Kulpa